Why should stop spending four years studying a course that has no relevance as a profession in the Twenty-First Century


Why would you spend four years of your life, and the equivalent of $10,000 studying a course that has no relevance as a profession in the Twenty-First Century? Forget about your pride and ego for a minute. Try and be objective. Apart from teaching the course at a university, where can you work as a professional if you study the following courses in a Third World country facing developmental challenges:

Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Linguistics, Religious Studies, Political Science, etc.

Go abroad. Many universities have stopped offering these courses. Please fact-check me: Education boards in America have a list of 1400 outdated degree courses. Yet, in Black African nations, we are graduating such degree holders in their hundreds of thousands every year. Then they graduate and cannot find a job (no surprise), and they blame the government.

If this were six months of your life and the course cost $100, then it could be argued that the time, money and effort were worth it. But come on, four years of your life and $10,000 of your parents’ money for that? Education is an investment. That is why banks and governments offer student loans. The idea is that you invest in an asset, not a liability.

Reading such courses is like taking a bank loan to open a video rental club. Who rate videos in this Netflix generation?

As a sociologist, what do they teach you at your university that I cannot get in one millisecond on Google?

You are better off learning a skill, like Nursing, Cloud Computing, Web Design, Ethical Hacking, Blockchain, etc, and using that money as seed capital to set yourself up in business, than studying a course with no professional relevance and high demand, with the expectation that someone would employ you. You can even learn those courses for free on Udemy and Coursera.

If you must invest that time and money on a degree, ensure it is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematical, Business, or Medical field.

Even beyond the irrelevance of many of these courses, Artificial Intelligence has programmed many degree courses for planned obsolescence. Sadly, AI will eliminate Accountants and some aspects of the legal profession. Hey, please don’t hate me. I’m just the messenger.

Of course, those who have already graduated from these useless courses will defend it. But look at their lives. What did Peter Obi, who read Philosophy at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, achieve in government? He did not build a single school in eight years. Instead, he built a brewery. A doctor, engineer, pharmacist, or economist would have had better priorities.

That is why Kwankwaso, an Engineer, built over a hundred schools, including the best public university in the Northwest, and another public university, along with polytechnics and colleges. But Philosophy graduate built brewery. Garbage in, garbage out!

I know it is not what you want to hear. But the truth is bitter and better.

Reno Omokri #TableShaker

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