Video: Abuja-based Pastor, Stanley Ogbonna Allegedly Throws Wife, Six Children Out Of The House


A dramatic turn of events has unfolded in Abuja, where a prominent pastor, Stanley Ogbonna, has allegedly forced his wife and six children out of their family home.
In a viral video, the wife has courageously spoken out against her husband, revealing a tumultuous marriage marked by allegations of domestic violence, infidelity, and emotional distress.
Despite her devotion to their relationship, the wife claims to have suffered in silence for years, enduring a marriage that has been marred by her husband’s purported transgressions.

In a shocking revelation, she also accuses Pastor Ogbonna of sexually assaulting their housemaid, an incident that has reportedly left their marriage beyond repair.
As the divorce case continues to unfold in court, the public is left wondering how Pastor Ogbonna will respond to these grave allegations.


Source: Oriental Times

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